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Insulated Air Cargo Liner Kits

Product coming soon

We are currently working on producing Air Cargo Liner Kits for heat sensitive air cargo.

We are aware that current companies buy insulation rolls and cut to size - we aim to create  kits that are cut to size of Standard Air Cargo Containers (LD3 to LD10) that offers the benefits of reduced waste, improved productivity and quality instalment; for maximum performance and repetitive use.  We aim to offer the same cost per kit against current expenses for manual instalment by insulated roll.

We wish to introduce DRY ICE as part of our insulated kits - this offers maximum protection against heat sensitive cargo, it will offer advantage for long transportation periods - and we are excited to have the dry ice insulated cargo kits EXCLUSIVE to and the first and only suppliers in the country to supply a consolidated product kit.

We are seeking a freighting company to trial this product at no cost and provide us with feedback - it is important for us to test this product satisfactory performance.  If you are interested, please dont hesitate to contact us to discuss this with you further.