Don’t Let Low Quality Packaging Hamper Your Product & Reputation

High quality NZ bubble wraps, protective packaging, postage bags, protective films and hundreds of other affordable packaging products delivered straight to your door

100% Owned & Operated

100% Owned & Operated

Locally manufactured packaging products which adhere to high safety and quality standards.

No Middleman Pricing

Economical Pricing

Providing good value and service in relation to the money, time, and effort expended.

Customised Packaging

Customised Packaging

Choose from 100s of products for various applications. But if you still can't find a product you want, we can happily discuss customisation options for you. Write to us as for customised packaging products.


About IPak Manufacturing High Quality Yet Affordable Packaging Products In NZ

IPak Internet Packaging Ltd will be focused on delivering quality at an economical price. Operated by a small but dedicated team, our team can ensure that the Packaging Products you receive will be at the best price along with a dependable service Read More arrow4


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