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Bottle Wrap

Bottlewrap_1.JPGBottle Wrap

Bottle Wrap is the no hassle way to wrap bottles.  It comes as a 300mm x 300mm bubble wrap sheet on a perforated 30m roll with 100 sheets per roll.  

It has self adhesive tape down one side of every sheet, so you require no further equipment to safety wrap your bottles.
  1. Simply tear a sheet off the roll and lay it on a flat surface with the tape side up.  
  2. Place the bottle on the sheet about 40mm from one edge and remove the protective strip from the tape. 
  3. Roll the bottle over with the sheet untill it passes over the tape. 
  4.  Fold the 40mm overhang under the bottle to protect the bottom. 
    Using bottle wrap you don't need dividers in your cartons and labels won't get damaged from rubbing. For large or oversized bottles, or added protection, simply join sheets together using the self adhesive strip.
Bottle Wrap

Bottle Wrap

A quick and efficient method for wrapping bottles. 300mm x 30m x 300mm perferations with self adhesive edge
NZ $15.00